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Patient Relationships Are Built, Not Bought

Writing a check for a patient advocacy group is not enough. There are no shortcuts when it comes to true patient centricity.  Some companies still think that writing a check to a patient advocacy organization and/or publicly supporting disease days makes them a patient-centric organization. These things are important, but it’s not enough. Being patient-centric means building a genuine working relationship with…

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Compassionate Considerations

The current public debate Biogen finds itself in regarding compassionate use/expanded access to Tofersen is an unfortunate situation for them and other companies who find themselves in a similar dilemma. Unfortunately, this will likely happen again unless handled differently. At RareiTi, we believe alternative steps can be taken to avert a public outcry, providing better…

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Expanded Access – the Right Applies

Prompted by the current high-profile case of Lisa Stockman Mauriello’s devastating rare disease ALS diagnosis and her family’s fight to access an investigational therapy, tofersen, potentially the only option to alter the course of her disease, we comment on the issues surrounding this case and the possible ethical dilemma this presents whilst applying the long-established…

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Opening Pathways to Patient Access

When a patient gets access to a drug that changes the trajectory of their disease, it’s a beautiful thing. As a mother of a child with a rare disease, I’ve dedicated my career to connecting patients with emerging therapies. But there are so many barriers that stand in the way of patient access, especially in…

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What have we learned from the pandemic?

I’ve been thinking recently about the lessons RareiTi needs to absorb from the pandemic and what adjustments we need to make in response to those lessons. RareiTi’s big goal remains focused around access to therapies, but the pandemic is a reminder that diseases are global and that carefully executed, country-specific outreach to patients and providers…

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Becoming a catalyst for change

As International Women’s Day approaches with its theme of “Choose to Challenge”, I wanted to gain inspiration from women who have challenged the status quo to leave the world a different place than they found it.  I found plenty of inspiration at the PharmaVOICE Women of the Week virtual session featuring RareiTi’s own Wendy White.…

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Plan to Succeed – consider all your access options when meeting challenges in rare disease.

Global drug launches always pose unique challenges, but are often even greater when in rare disease. The combination of higher prices, complex therapies, smaller patient populations, unique health systems and public health priorities likely mean you’ll need more data and additional supportive evidence to meet the needs of international markets.   An early access program…

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2021 Rare Disease Day – Leave no one behind!

Managed access programs aim to expand access to medications that are not available to patients through the usual channels around the globe. These programs go by various names, including compassionate use, expanded access, named-patient, and early access programs. While some countries allow costs for these programs to be covered many others do not. The number…

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Rare Disease, Covid 19 and the Need for Mental Health Coaching

Like many of you, I have been watching the sobering developments of the new variant of Covid 19 that seems to be taking a hold across the UK and in some parts of Europe.  Never has the need to support people living with Rare Diseases, Long Term Conditions and Cancer been greater.  Most people in…

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Managed Access: A Solution with Benefits for Everyone

Managed access programs – also known as compassionate use, early access, and named-patient programs- have clear benefits for patients and physicians. These programs provide an alternative regulatory pathway to help patients access potentially life-altering drugs when they are ineligible for clinical trials or the drug has not been approved in their home country.   Historically, the…

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COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic is having significant impact on clinical trials globally. Many trials face suspension or closure due to clinical priorities and the impact of social distancing and quarantine.

Clinical trial patients with a rare condition face great challenges; being part of a clinical trial when living with a rare condition can often be the only lifeline available, offering the chance to access novel therapies that could improve life enormously. During the pandemic, not being able to access novel therapies could have a major negative impact on health, disease progression and mortality. In addition, progress toward an approved therapy should not have to be completely stalled because of a lack of ability to collect relevant data.

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