Customized managed access programs designed for rare disease therapies, guided by real world experience.
Does your rare disease commercial strategy need Managed Access expertise to guide your expansion planning?
RareiTi- a different kind of managed access company.
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RareiTi offers a new managed access model to the pharmaceutical industry delivering solutions for name-patient, managed access, and expanded access programs to meet the unmet needs of people and communities across the globe impacted by rare disease. Our managed access and patient support programs provide care beyond therapy, combining customizable solutions with white glove service and the ability to deliver real world evidence from the point of care. We combine a breadth of global experience, cutting edge technologies and analytics to deliver better outcomes.

Our advisory practice offers business advice and recommendations on the suitability, design and business impact of Managed Access programs for patients with rare diseases.

We deliver customized global Managed Access Programs designed to meet complex challenges for patients with a rare disease at the point of care.

RareiTi DATA provides the baseline of our strategic customizable analytics platform to accurately capture real-world patient experiences that measure patient outcomes.

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Rare Disease, Covid 19 and the Need for Mental Health Coaching

Like many of you, I have been watching the sobering developments of the new variant of Covid 19 that seems to be taking a hold across the UK and in some parts of Europe.  Never has the need to support people living with Rare Diseases, Long Term Conditions and Cancer been greater.  Most people in…

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COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic is having significant impact on clinical trials globally. Many trials face suspension or closure due to clinical priorities and the impact of social distancing and quarantine.

Clinical trial patients with a rare condition face great challenges; being part of a clinical trial when living with a rare condition can often be the only lifeline available, offering the chance to access novel therapies that could improve life enormously. During the pandemic, not being able to access novel therapies could have a major negative impact on health, disease progression and mortality. In addition, progress toward an approved therapy should not have to be completely stalled because of a lack of ability to collect relevant data.

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