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The COVID-19 pandemic is having significant impact on clinical trials globally. Many trials face suspension or closure due to clinical priorities and the impact of social distancing and quarantine.

Clinical trial patients with a rare condition face great challenges; being part of a clinical trial when living with a rare condition can often be the only lifeline available, offering the chance to access novel therapies that could improve life enormously. During the pandemic, not being able to access novel therapies could have a major negative impact on health, disease progression and mortality. In addition, progress toward an approved therapy should not have to be completely stalled because of a lack of ability to collect relevant data.

RareiTi offers a new system of care for people and communities across the globe with unmet needs in the rare disease space. Our managed access and medicines management programs offer support beyond therapy, combining care solutions that are specifically developed, carefully measured and designed to improve outcomes.

A customizable managed access platform We design and deliver managed access programs to suit your needs and deliver better outcomes. This proprietary technology includes the provision of real-world evidence and data, patient safety monitoring, patient experience and additional insights.

Our in-house technology and expertise along with best in class data partners RareiTi Care managed access programs provide a unique understanding of how patients do on therapy in the real world.

• Home Delivered
• Mobil App
• Dashboard Reporting
• Support Beyond Therapy
• Virtual Care
• Healthcare Coaching
• Remote Patient Monitoring
• On Demand Telehealth

We help you decide on solutions that best suit your goals and aspirations and then leave you to run things yourselves or act as your project managers to ensure you get the results you need.

Innovative, effective strategies

gap analysis


best in class internal practices and policies

plans and actions
to improve outcomes

RareiTi is a mission driven company where a percentage of profits from each program will be donated to a community of your choice. This is fully auditable and transparent.


Research, Design and Support your patient advocacy engagement – inside and out
Companies developing therapies for rare diseases need patient input and collaboration to develop effective therapies efficiently. Collaborative and educated patients can identify barriers to participation in clinical trials and later in adherence, they can point out potential pitfalls in protocol and give real examples to the unmet need for the FDA.


Design, develop and deliver your managed access program
Firstly, our job is to help you make the right decisions; when is the right time to develop and offer a managed access or medicines access program? Inclusion or exclusion criteria, where and how? And what about the why? Is this the right thing to do?

And then, we want to make sure that the program plan is robust and deliverable; compliant and stands up to ethical scrutiny. We want to engage your patient community from the get go…will they support it and is it going to work in the way that they need it?

We can deliver the program and you can effectively and efficiently measure our performance.


Evaluate other providers, manage a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, to help you decide on the best option for your programs. We can help you decide the solutions that best suit your goals and aspirations and then leave you to run things yourselves or we can act as your project managers to ensure you get the results you need.

A proven team with a record of success

Clinicians, technologists, patient advocates, regulators, program managers, social workers, health coaches

Senior regulatory, PhDs, MD’s, behavioral health, public affairs, ethicists, crisis management, data scientists


Natalie Douglas 
Natalie started her healthcare career in the pharmaceutical industry at Janssen (J&J) and then as CEO built IDIS into the global market leader in delivering international managed access programs for physicians and the biopharmaceutical industry. In 2014 she joined Healthcare at Home as CEO executing an operational turnaround and developing the future growth strategy.

Natalie is Vice Chairman of Global Genes and holds a number of NED and strategic advisory roles with healthcare technology companies.

She is a former Health Investor Top 50 Executive (2015), a former EY regional Entrepreneur of the Year, recipient of a First Women award (2008) and Sunday Times Fast Track 100 (various).

Wendy White   
Wendy is an innovative leader working for over 20 years in Rare Disease at the intersection of advocacy, technology and business. She founded, grew and transitioned Siren Interactive Corporation to Dohmen Life Science Services (now Eversana) as part of a long-term vision to integrate patient level insights into the drug delivery continuum. She is the mother of a child with a rare disorder and publisher and co author of Uncommon Challenges; Shared Journeys- Stories of Love, Hope, Community by Rare Disease Caregivers. 

Her background includes 4 consecutive years on the INC 5000 fastest growing companies list, being recognized by PharmaVoice magazine in 2015 and 2012 as one of the 100 most inspiring people in the pharmaceutical industry culminating in a life time achievement Red Jacket award in 2017 and by MedAd News with a Manny award for her work in rare disease.